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Mac Qadir, P.E., to Speak at AIChE Annual Meeting about Sustainable Ozone Process for Treating Ground Water Contaminants

His firm, Enpro Solutions Inc., designed and implemented a “green” Peroxone system to treat ground water contaminated with acetone and petroleum hydrocarbons at industrial site.

Dublin, CA, October 21, 2013 – Enpro Solutions, Inc. (, is pleased to announce that R. M. “Mac” Qadir, professional engineer (P.E.) and company founder and principal, will present a paper at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Annual Meeting on November 5, 2013, in San Francisco, CA. Qadir’s paper is entitled, “Engineering Challenges of Implementing the Peroxone Process for In-Situ Oxidation of Ground Water Contaminated by Acetone, Petroleum Hydrocarbons at a Former Industrial Facility in Northern California.” He will present it at AIChE’s Advanced Oxidation Processes Session which will be held at the Hilton Union Square, San Francisco, CA.

The industrial gas facility that is the subject of the paper operated from the early 1900s until it was decommissioned and sold in 2001. Its ground water was contaminated with high levels of acetone, gasoline, benzene, and other petroleum hydrocarbons. Site cleanup began in December 1995 using various methods, including soil vapor and ground water extraction. Despite the removal over time of large quantities of contaminants, acetone and benzene levels remained high in certain areas of the site. The maximum historical pre-remediation acetone concentration was 210,000 milligrams per liter, the highest of any site listed in Geotracker - the State Water Resources database of sites undergoing ground water cleanup.

After a detailed site study, the Enpro Solutions team designed and built a “green” chemical treatment system that used ozone and hydrogen peroxide to treat ground water contaminants in-situ. “Our goal was to remediate onsite soil and ground water to concentrations that met site-specific Health-Based Cleanup Levels and prevented contaminants from migrating offsite,” says Qadir. “The Peroxone system allows us to work toward these goals using environmentally-friendly methods. We are able to treat and monitor ground water while producing only oxygen and water as emissions.” In three years of operation, acetone concentrations in the site’s monitoring wells have been reduced by as much as 92%.

The system includes a packaged ozone generator that produces purified oxygen and ozone from compressed air. This gas mixture plus dilute hydrogen peroxide are injected into ground water via a network of specially designed wells where the components react with the contaminants and render them harmless. The system was designed so that it can be remotely started up, operated, and shut down using a secured Internet connection.

About Enpro Solutions, Inc.

Enpro Solutions, Inc. (Dublin, CA) was founded in 1998, by R. Maqbool “Mac” Qadir, P.E., when he saw the need in California for an environmental firm with the leadership, technical expertise and industry connections to take on complex projects requiring multi-disciplinary solutions. Today, Enpro ( solves complex environmental challenges and helps its clients reduce their environmental liabilities, save resources such as water and energy, comply with environmental, health and safety regulations, and prevent accidents. The firm’s capabilities include remediation services, environmental management services, process safety consulting, environmental permitting, environmental process engineering, and environmental construction services.

Enpro is a State of California-Certified Small Business. For more information, contact the company at 925-803-8045 or by email at

About R.M. “Mac” Qadir

R. Maqbool “Mac” Qadir has 30 years of consulting and industrial experience and has managed over 100 environmental projects for Fortune 500 clients, municipal clients and the Department of Defense. He is a Professional Engineer in the state of California and is also licensed in CA as a General Engineering Contractor with Hazardous Substance Certification. His papers and articles have been published in industry and technical journals such as Environmental Protection; and U.S. Department of Energy technical publications. For more information, please see his LinkedIn profile: or visit the Enpro website: