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Expert Process Safety Management Services

process safety consultingprocess safety consultingAre you responsible for process plants, tank farms or refrigeration systems handling toxic or flammable materials? Could a process accident happen on your watch? Recent high profile incidents in Texas, California, and other states – refinery fires, fertilizer plant explosions, and others – illustrate the ever-present potential for disaster when handling highly hazardous materials.

As a plant manager or company executive, you are ultimately responsible for maintaining and operating safe facilities. It's not easy: you must protect your personnel and prevent accidental releases, while complying with complex process safety management (PSM) regulations. In California, these include the state's Accidental Release Program (CalARP), the USEPA Risk Management Program (RMP), and the OSHA PSM standard.

Let Enpro's experts help. We have worked with facilities in California, Texas and Louisiana to prepare RMPs, compile process safety information, review and update written operating procedures, and perform hazard analyses to improve safety, emergency preparedness and operational readiness

Need a Hazard and Operability(HAZOP) study completed? No problem! Enpro engineers have performed and revalidated numerous HAZOP studies at chemical storage facilities, process plants and ammonia refrigeration plants. We have performed Offsite Consequence Analysis (OCA) for many toxic and flammable substances including Worst Case Scenario (WCS) and Alternate Release Scenario (ARS) to support emergency response planning.

Enpro experts can also act as your advocate during Cal-ARP/OSHA program audits of your facilities. We have supported several facilities during audits by helping them assemble the right pre-audit documentation and working with them to resolve auditor questions and comments. We have also helped clients perform internal audits to satisfy PSM requirements.

Our PSM services include the following:

  • Review and compile process safety information (PSI) including piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID), applicable codes, safe operating limits and process/chemical safety information
  • Perform process hazard analyses (PHA) including HAZOP and “What-If” Studies
  • Perform air dispersion modeling for OCA and emergency response planning
  • Help prepare or compile chemical-specific prevention programs including all required elements such as: operating and maintenance procedures, mechanical integrity (MI), management of change (MOC), pre-startup safety review (PSSR) and incident investigation
  • Review or develop Emergency Response Plans (ERPs)
  • Complete RMP Plan to comply with CalARP/USEPA RMP regulations and the OSHA PSM Standard
  • Perform PSM audits to meet CalARP, RMP and OSHA PSM internal auditing requirements
  • Provide audit support to prepare facilities for CalARP/OSHA PSM/NEP audits by regulatory agencies
  • MOC/PSSR support –review client MOC procedures or help conduct and document MOC/PSSR review