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Our Clients

Enpro Solutions clientsEnpro Solutions clientsClients come to Enpro Solutions when they have complex site remediation, environmental management, and process safety projects. Going beyond mere compliance, we help clients improve their environmental, health and safety (EHS) performance and reliability by reducing their environmental liabilities, conserving resources such as water and energy, cost effectively complying with EHS regulations, and preventing accidents.

We’ve consulted for clients in the following areas:

Industrial & Commercial

  • Chemical companies
  • Oil and Gas companies
  • Manufacturing facilities – food processing, electronics facilities, aerospace facilities
  • Utilities – power generation & transmission, telecommunications
  • Insurance companies
  • Service station & underground storage tank sites
  • Retail facilities & auto service centers
  • Banks
  • Medical Centers

Federal Agencies & Contractors

  • Department of Defense facilities like Edwards Air Force Base
  • Department of Energy facilities like Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories
  • Federal prime contractors

State & Local Government

  • State agencies such as CalTrans
  • Counties and cities
  • Municipal utility districts & wastewater treatment plants

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