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Environmental Management Case Studies

Vegetable Oil Tank Farm, Santa Fe Springs, CA - Environmental Due Diligence

As a sub-consultant to Denali Group we recommended that the client conduct API 653 inspections to assess the condition of a tank farm being considered for acquisition. We then recommended pre-qualified companies to perform the inspections. We reviewed the API 653 inspection reports for aboveground storage tank (AST) in the tank farm containing numerous ASTs, most of them in vegetable oil service. The reports included ultrasound thickness (UT) measurements on eight tanks from the tank farm as well as additional findings. We reviewed the detailed findings in the AST Inspection Reports for each tank and summarized the report findings for the tank farm. We provided the client with an assessment of findings with regard to compliance with applicable regulatory standards for design, mechanical integrity and good engineering practices.


PG&E - Phase II Enhanced Vapor Recovery Compliance

PG&E has a complex network of Gasoline Dispensing Facilities with over 900 underground storage tanks (UST) and above ground storage tanks (ASTs).  Enpro was retained to research the Phase II Enhanced Vapor Recovery (EVR) the applicable regulations and specific upgrade requirements and make recommendations to PG&E for achieving compliance. We identified State and locally applicable regulations, specific requirements and possible exemptions. We statistically analyzed extensive PG&E databases and estimated the fraction of PG&E fleet vehicles that were compliant with Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery (ORVR) systems. We identified all the PG&E facilities potentially subject to Phase II EVR upgrades or where possible, potential exemptions. We provided PG&E with analyses and recommended strategies for timely and cost effective completion of upgrades. This included suggested project timeline, availability of certified equipment, availability of qualified installation contractors, and major costs to procure and install equipment for upgrades. This helped to prioritize and phase in the actions needed by PG&E to bring its USTs into compliance with the EVR upgrade requirements.